Secret Rosé Garden @ Beverly Wilshire!

If you’re not familiar with the quaint little town of Beverly Hills I suggest you get your cute butt over there and check it out in a hurry! Not only is the tiny city bursting with elegance and old Hollywood but now, for a limited time, you can check out their Secret Rosé Garden at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel! Once you enter you’re completely transported into a beautiful new world and it’s all a part of the hotels 90th anniversary celebration. The moment I found out about it I knew that I had to check it out for myself and I was so thrilled that I did!

​The Garden is open daily from 3pm-10pm to hotel guests as well as locals (lucky us) all the way until September 3rd, 2018! But this particular event for the day was sponsored by #MaskOn, a company known for their refreshing sheet masks and other health and wellness products!

I now present you with: Photos of us holding glasses of rosé!

And to top the already magical day off I was blessed with meeting Eric Bigger from ABC’s The Bachelorette (Rachel Lindsay’s season) and this year’s Bachelor In Paradise. Who encouragingly suggested to me that I better make sure I’m tuning in Monday’s at 8pm! What can I say? He’s so dreamy that he makes it hard to say no!


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