The Museum of Selfies!

Finally! A place where I can go and do what I do best!

If you’re from the Los Angeles area you’ve probably noticed a bunch of pop-up interactive experiences that have come and gone every few months in various parts of town. There was the Museum of Ice Cream, Museum of Illusions, The Pizza Experience, etc. It’s just this current fad that has hit LA by storm with the most perfect timing. We are all at the height of our most narcissistic and social media crazed time! It felt freeing to not be judged by those around you for posing for selfies and trying to look cute–because everyone there was doing the exact same thing!



This place did not disappoint. The price of admission was $22.50 and we spent about an hour and some change hitting up every photo-op. They even supply you with your very own selfie stick upon arrival! You can’t say that you never dreamed of taking a golden coin bath a la Scrooge McDuck when you were a child! That’s exactly how Cat and I felt and we loved every minute of it, down to the fake toilet that had gold coins in the bowl and money rolls of toilet paper.


Gotta love that famous American Gothic painting by Grant Wood. In this updated millinial version, the husband holds an iPhone instead of a pitchfork and their faces are actually swapped! That good old Snapchat filter keeping things interesting.



A pool of emoji’s! Come on now, that’s cool!

Just hanging out in a Van Gough painting. No big deal at all.

Don’t judge us, okay. We just turned out to be so good at selfies that we won an award for them.

This was such cool experience! If they ever decided to make all new photo-ops Cat and I would be back for another trip to the Museum of Selfies in a heartbeat!


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