6 Goals For The New Year!

I’m not the type to set New Year’s resolutions anymore. When I was younger I felt like I had to because it was something that everyone talked about each year. But I actually hate the thought of setting a certain standard of what I shouldn’t do in the new year. Because what if I fail at it a few months in? Then the rest of the year is just ruined for me? It’s just too much pressure. So what I like to do is set New Year Goals! That way it’s more of something to look forward to instead of maybe dropping a bad habit or two. You can spend the whole year trying to accomplish the goals that you set and this seems to be something that works perfectly for me and my mindset.

Learn to Drive. So I have only driven a car twice in my life and that was just in parking lots, practicing. I would say that this is an embarrassing thing but I’ve always lived in big cities where you absolutely do not need to own a car. I’ve just gotten away with it for so long but the older that I get the harder it is to take public transportation and rely on Uber and Lyft. A car of my own will mean a new type of freedom that I am extremely ready for. A new chapter.

Buy a car. Well I can’t just learn how to drive and not own my own car. But there has always been more important things in my life that my hard earned money had to go to instead. College, rent, clothes, groceries, etc. I never NEEDED to buy a car in order to survive in everyday life. But now I’m ready to get something cute and say goodbye to the struggle of having to get around town while relying on someone else. So this goal and the one above pretty much go hand in hand.

Crystal Quartz Necklace from Kizzmet Jewelry

Pay off credit cards. If only I had done proper research on interest rates before I got myself a couple of credit cards two years ago! It’s definitely a trap that is made for you to never be able to pay them off because of interest rates. If you are able to someday be blessed enough to pay them all down to a zero balance that will ultimately lead to you having better credit. And that can really open up the doors to things in life that you may have been longing for. So this is something that has been a big goal of mine and in 2019 I want to finally make it happen.

Read more books.  These days, having our phones glued to our hands really messes with our attention spans. Everything can be Googled and downloaded right at your fingertips. With all of these social media apps we have access to so much information that we just read it quickly and move on all day long. I find it so hard to sit down and concentrate on a book without giving into the urge of picking up my phone and being completely distracted by it. I’ve also found that when reading a book these days it’s hard to take in the information and I end up reading the same paragraph over and over in order to really make it stick. So I want to read more hard copy books in 2019. It’s good for the soul and it’s good for your brain. Plus anytime away from your phone has to be beneficial, right?

Travel More. I need to travel more. I need to travel period. And not just the yearly trip to another state within North America. Especially now that I’m realizing it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to venture into another country. A friend of mine just bought a round trip flight to Barcelona for…..$525. Like, what?! Learning that really made me feel like an idiot for not figuring this out earlier. I have always wanted to see Greece…Mykonos and Santorini (I blame The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants). But now it doesn’t seem like such an unreachable thing. I really want to take my first trip out of the country in 2019!

 Meditate. This is usually on my list of goals each year and, let’s be real, I never accomplish it. There’s something about this generation of having the phone glued to your hand that seems to make sitting still and just being….impossible for me. But I really want to try and chill out on the constant phone checking. That way when I do get ready to journey into the world of mediation I can just slide right into it with ease.

So those are my 6 goals for the new year. I also have my regular acting goals for the year which usually end up being:

  • Get a commercial agent
  • Get a manager
  • Get a theatrical agent
  • Add more tv credits to my IMDB
  • Join SAG

Lots to work on and work towards in the new year. Never a dull moment if you give yourself a lot of things to go after in a years time!

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