Bad Ass Women Playlist

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I wanted to take a minute to celebrate some of my favorite female artists who I have dubbed Bad Ass Women. So I’ve put together a playlist of a favorite song of mine from each of them. Check it out!

I go where I go, where I go, where I go, where I go. So I’m a foreigner everywhere I roam. But I see in you what I see in myself. Feel it in the marrow of my bones.

Tellin’ everybody you’re mine and I like it. And I really hope you don’t mind I can’t fight it. No, you know I cannot hide it cuz I am so excited that I finally decided on you.

Been there for me, good and bad times. Now let me be your rock for life. I’m just sayin’, I’m just sayin’. I’m just sayin’, I’m just saying’. And we don’t need to spend a dime cuz nothin’ ever ever buys ya time.

I don’t just wanna touch you. I’m trynna turn two single people into a couple. What’s your next month like, tell me what you’re up to. We can leave right now boy you don’t need a duffle.

And I wish it could be you with your headlights in my driveway. And I wish I could refuse every time I try. I’m trynna find closure but you’re trynna get closer. I’m trynna get sober but I’m drunk on you.

TLC Graphic Tee from Forever 21

I wish they knew just how I felt. Bet they’d be ready to adore you. How could they call this bad love when all I want is more? When all I want is more?

You tried to break my heart. Oh, that breaks my heart. That you thought you ever had it, no you ain’t from the start.

You punched a hole in the wall and I framed it. I wish I could feel things like you. Everyone’s chasing that holy feeling and if we don’t stay lit we’ll blow out.

“Diggin’ On You” by TLC

I must admit to you I’ve heard them lines a time or two. Although for some apparent reason monkey lines are now in season. Lights off, lights on. I guess the groove is on.

It’s such a waste when little girls grow into their mother’s face. But little girls are learning how to cut and paste. And pucker up their lips until they suffocate, ha-ha.

Flying like a streamer thinking of new ways to do each other. Pull out the incisor, give me two weeks you won’t recognize her. Mouth open, you’re high.

Broken home, baby. I could never hate ya. Even though you drain the soul out of my eyes. Even though you had me crying every night. I see ya tryin’. I’m grateful cuz I see you tryin’.

You can click on the full playlist if you want to listen to the whole thing on Spotify! Enjoy!

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