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6 Goals For The New Year!

I’m not the type to set New Year’s resolutions anymore. When I was younger I felt like I had to because it was something that everyone talked about each year. But I actually hate the thought of setting a certain…


Top 5 Bloggers On My Must Follow List!

So I’m not going to rank these lovely ladies because they are all amazing and I look up to them for different reasons. They’re all strong women who bring A LOT to their blogs whether it’s Beauty, Travel, or Lifestyle…


The Museum of Selfies!

Finally! A place where I can go and do what I do best! If you’re from the Los Angeles area you’ve probably noticed a bunch of pop-up interactive experiences that have come and gone every few months in various parts…


7 Affordable Holiday Dresses Under $30!

Most women know the struggle of having to find cute and affordable outfits for the holiday season. Sometimes you need something for Thanksgiving, Holiday work parties, Christmas Eve & Day, and New Years Eve! It can be overwhelming especially if…


Jackalope Indie Artisan Fair!

This year I was introduced to the Jackalope Indie Artisan Fair in Pasadena, CA! What a fun experience this was! It is basically a ton of different local pop up shops with handcrafted goods. We saw everything from jewelry, books,…


Evening Proactiv Skincare Routine!

It’s after hours. You’ve worked all day. You are dead tired. The last thing that you want to do is have to spend a lot of time getting ready for bed. My nightly Proactiv skincare routine is perfectly tailored to…


Morning Proactiv Skincare Routine!

I can’t lie. I am actually a morning person. Granted, the very second that my alarm goes off before work I’m groggy and I hate life. But literally the moment I finish washing my face with Proactiv I am geared…


The City of (Crushed) Dreams.

–california dreaming, wait for it to sink in.– Let’s just get into to it. You wake up and suddenly you’re smack in the middle of almost a decade of pursuing this acting life. Somewhere in the back of your mind…


Secret Rosé Garden @ Beverly Wilshire!

If you’re not familiar with the quaint little town of Beverly Hills I suggest you get your cute butt over there and check it out in a hurry! Not only is the tiny city bursting with elegance and old Hollywood…


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