Over the summer I was lucky enough to book a gig with Proactiv where I would spend July-September using their products in an effort to clear my skin. I actually can’t say enough good things about the three month trial period! I was to start using the products immediately and every week or so I would have to shoot a progress video and take photos of my face (left profile, right profile, & center). The very efficient ProactivMD 3 Piece System is centered around Adapalene Gel. That is the key! The other two products are a Deep Cleansing Face Wash and a Daily Oil Control SPF 30.


During the first few weeks I definitely broke out pretty bad. It was nothing that I wasn’t used to though. Having such bad skin for so long was just second nature to me at that point. I was so desperate to have clear skin that I was willing to try anything. The reason why Proactiv ends up being so effective is because it pushes all of the gross stuff underneath your skin to the surface. That obviously turns into pimples and breakouts. But you really just have to stick with it through those not so great weeks if you ever want to see the results that you desire. I did and I was very pleased to say the least!

Once my three months were up I was lucky enough to get asked by Proactiv to keep continuing with the products that I had been using as well as introducing a couple new ones into my skincare regimen.

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