Morning Proactiv Skincare Routine!

I can’t lie. I am actually a morning person. Granted, the very second that my alarm goes off before work I’m groggy and I hate life. But literally the moment I finish washing my face with Proactiv I am geared up and ready to go. No coffee needed! I know, it’s not normal at all. And maybe it helps that my routine is pretty quick and easy!


Step 1: I start by quickly rinsing my face with a little bit of water. It doesn’t have to be anything too crazy. You just want your face to be a little damp starting out. Then I squeeze a little of the Deep Cleansing Face Wash on to my palm and rub it together in my hands to spread it. Then I gently massage it all over my face for a good 1 to 2 minutes just to make sure that I am exfoliating as best as I can.


Step 2: Once that is done I wash it all off with water, still massaging as I go. Then I grab the Green Tea Moisturizer and squeeze about a dime size amount on to my hands and massage it around onto every part of my face. As this is set up to give your face all the moisture that you need it really goes a long way. So you don’t need to use much of it!


Step 3: For the final step, I usually wait about 1 to 2 minutes until the moisturizer is dry on my face then I grab the Daily Oil Moisturizer SPF 30 and apply it in tiny droplets to random areas of my face (nose, cheeks, chin, forehead). And then I rub it in!


BONUS Add on: A fun little thing that you can add on to your step 1 is the Proactiv Charcoal-Bristle Pore Cleansing Brush! This motorized brush preps your skin for treatment and really takes your exfoliating to the next level. It rotates and gently massages the tiny beads that are inside the Deep Cleansing Face Wash into your skin in order to remove the dirt that should not be there. Using this brush daily helps to keep your pores clear and looking smaller.

So that’s basically it for my everyday morning skincare routine! It’s pretty simple and only takes about five minutes max. Hit me up if you decide to try these amazing products out. I’d like to know how it’s working for different people!



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