Top 5 Bloggers On My Must Follow List!

So I’m not going to rank these lovely ladies because they are all amazing and I look up to them for different reasons. They’re all strong women who bring A LOT to their blogs whether it’s Beauty, Travel, or Lifestyle in general. Each of these women have inspired me to make my blog the best that it can be and I’m so grateful for that! Allow me to introduce you to my faves:


Color Me Courtney by Courtney Quinn

I feel like I don’t really have to say anything about this amazing girl. All it takes is one click over to her blog and you will instantly see why she is so good at what she does. Everything that she produces is bright, colorful, aesthetically pleasing, and extremely eye catching. Not only that but she is adorable and knows exactly what people want to see in a lifestyle blog. I completely bow down to her and am always excited to see what she’s bringing next.


With Cheyenne by Cheyenne Adler

I can’t lie, I just love everything about this girl! Aside from blogging about her favorite fashion trends or beauty projects she also uses her platform to talk about mental health. That really sets her apart from most bloggers that you see on the internet and I really appreciate that she lets her audience into her life in that way. In showing her true self,  usually via her Instagram stories, it allows her followers to really connect with her and that makes it easy to relate to her.


The Efflorescence by Demi B

Demi was probably the first lifestyle blogger that I really paid attention to. There was just something about her that that made me see a lot of similarities within myself and that is what has kept me coming back to her content time and time again. I absolutely adore everything she does from her breathtaking travel guides to her hip fashion choices. She has no problem establishing  her vibe is and she works hard to keep everything consistent with it.


Hello Darling Blog by Lily

When I first discovered the Hello Darling Blog I honestly couldn’t take my eyes off of it! Her photography skills are so chic and there are just so many blog posts and pages to read up on. I get lost in the site every time I click on it because there’s just so much on there that I want to read about. One thing that Lily excels at is creating lots of interesting everyday posts that are centered around things that you either want or need. That’s definitely the way to keep people coming back for more!


The Baller On A Budget by Aileen Luib

And last but certainly not least, The Baller On A Budget blog stays one hundred percent true to its name. It is all about finding affordable fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products so that you’re not racking up crazy credit card bills in the process! When I decided I wanted to go for it and create my own blog I downloaded her free Blogger Blueprint to help with the endless amount of questions that I had. She also offers a blogging course that helps you figure out how to monetize your website. This girl is a generous genius!


I hope this list of wonderful female bloggers has opened your eyes to all of the super cool things that you can find in a Lifestyle blog! I know that I’m excited to continue to follow and learn from them and I hope that you check each of them out! Be sure to follow them all on instagram too while you’re at it:







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