Like, Realizing Stuff Graphic Tee!

First of all, the Venice Canals are the perfect place to have an impromptu photo shoot! You should try it. But just know that it’s now a tourist attraction and you literally have to deal with 25 people coming and going at any given time. So good luck!

Secondly, this graphic tee cracks me up to no end. When I first saw it in Forever 21 I laughed out loud and knew that I had to buy it. If you don’t get the reference it’s basically making fun of something that Kylie Jenner said back in 2016. In a recorded video for her app she said “I feel like this year is really the year of just…realizing stuff.” ‘Nuff said!

So I put on my best serious face and tried to channel my inner ‘realizing stuff’ vibe.

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