Proactiv’s Detox Hydrogel Face Mask!

So I was lucky enough to have Proactiv send me a few of their Detox Hydrogel masks to try out on my skin. I was so excited because I love face masks! Every variety of masks can do different things for you and make your skin feel different ways. These particular masks are infused with activated bamboo charcoal and Moroccan Lava Clay which is rich in minerals. So basically the whole focus of the mask is to purify and extract debris and dirt from your pores! Once you’ve used the mask your pores should appear reduced and tighter.

When reading the instructions, it tells you to make sure that your face is clean and dry before applying the mask. So I splashed some water on my face and then pat it dry with a towel. When I opened the mask I immediately noticed that it was split in to two. The first half is supposed to go on the upper half of your face (because it has eye holes) and the second mask goes below your nose and around your mouth.

I placed both half masks on to my skin and waited for fifteen minutes as the directions said. It’s so simple! You can just put on the mask, set your timer, and then relax for fifteen minutes. As I sat there relaxing, I immediately felt a coolness coming from the masks. That made it that much easier to sit back and enjoy the process.

Once the fifteen minutes flew by I was ready to take off the masks. The last bit of directions tell you to massage the gel left behind from the masks in to your skin (with clean hands). As I spread the remaining gel around my skin felt immediately refreshed and hydrated!

Detox Hydrogel Face Mask

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